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Icebox undies

When it's hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox!

Icebox Undies
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Icebox Undies
Icebox Undies is the home of icons by purple_llama (aka Megan) and blackat81/jitterbug_roses (aka Rhea). We created this community because we both share a great love for icons of classic movies and stars, and Marilyn Monroe is a big obssesion for both of us too! You'll see icons mainly stemming from those subjects, but you will see some different stuff now and then, depending on what tickles our fancy.
Current layout code from - appleleaf
Resources can be found in this post - Resources
Rules for Icons!
1. Please credit us back to iceboxundies if you take any icons! A link is fine in the keywords of the userpic that you take. :)

2. No hotlinking! Our images are hosted out of our own accord, and we do not want to see any one copy and pasting the links directly. Please upload to your own server or a free one like photobucket.

3. Have fun with the icons! :D

alongcameclass chicklebird notley_abbey skank_on_47th little_reata vintalicious

If you'd like to affiliate with us with your icon journal, please drop us a line! :)
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide